Lower School

Welcome back Marlins!

Click below to see our Lower School Moving Up Ceremony / Awards Ceremony.

End of Year Videos from the Lower School

Lower School Moving Up Ceremony 2020
Lower School 2019-2020 Tribute
4th Grade Video 2019-2020
5th Grade Video 2019-2020

Weekly Assembly Videos for Students

30-March Weekly Assembly
04-April Weekly Assembly
29-April Weekly Assembly
11-May Weekly Assembly

Art for Lower School

2-Apr Mrs. Cox’s Introduction Video

2-Apr Tour of Mrs. Cox’s Art Studio
2-Apr Bob Ross Bingo Cards

Kids can print out bingo cards and watch Bob Ross on Youtube or Netflix and mark off the bingo card as Bob goes through his lesson. They may have to watch more than one Bob Ross lesson to get bingo, but they will be learning all about painting while they are watching the show!

2-Apr Mrs. Cox teaches you to draw a pirate 🙂
6-Apr Art Lesson One with Mrs. O’Neal
6-Apr How to draw Boo, the Cutest Dog in the World!
2020 Virtual Art Show

This is a wonderful compilation put together by our Art teachers. It is a must see!

29-Apr Art Fields Jr. Announcement

In early March, we announced that 12 students from our school were accepted into ArtFields Jr. ArtFields Jr. is a highly competitive art competition open to all schools in South Carolina. The competition was canceled but they just published them all online. Congratulations again to Riley Moore, Lillie Akers, Jessica Sandor, Matthew Lance, Khloee Holcomb, Grant Swift, Mason Hayes, Emmi Deemer, Jack Davis, Rachel Karst, Mackenzie Sexton, and Luisa Lee! 

Upper School Art Teacher – Meagan Johnson


Spanish for Lower School

6-Apr Jennifer Sexton – Spanish for Lower School

21-Apr Jennifer Sexton – Spanish for Lower School

8-May Jennifer Sexton – Spanish for Lower School

Music for Lower School

6-Apr Rose Schmitz – Music Lesson

21-Apr Rose Schmitz – Music Lesson
8-May Rose Schmitz – Music Lesson
8-May Rose Schmitz – Music Lesson

Library for Lower School

22-Apr Susan Parsons K4-2nd Grade
29-Apr Susan Parsons – The Tree Farmer
5-May Susan Parsons – Selfish Crocodile