LPS Heroes

See what some of our LPS families are doing to help others.

31-March: Cody and Cory Appleton


Project Cookies is a “give back” concept created by two teenage brothers in a small coastal town in South Carolina who wanted to bring some cheer to their local community affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.  They tossed around ideas on how they could help “chip in”.  After baking for hours with their mom to bring special treats to their grandmother and the other residents in her nursing home, they were inspired by the reactions received by the staff and residents. They decided to take it up a notch & spark a community service movement during this stressful time.

According to culinary historians, the first historic record of cookies was their use as test cakes.  A small amount of cake batter was baked to test oven temperature. These small “test cakes” were easier to transport and hence the cookie was born.  There is “no knead” to explain how much cookies can lighten a mood, bring joy, or ‘”melt” someone’s heart is there?  A smile just forms when you see cookies!  

Want to enrich your life, positively impact your perspective and connect yourself to your community needs in a safe way?  Join Project Cookie by baking cookies, brownies or your favorite treats and deliver to places in need like law enforcement, medical facilities, nursing homes, shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries or even neighbors.  

Cooking and baking bring comfort in times of stress and the delicious outcome is not the only reward…serving others is good for the soul.  You don’t need allot of “dough” to get involved either.  Cookies can be fairly inexpensive to make.  We think there is no need to “sugar coat it” or “butter” you up anymore because acts of kindness can be infectious.  Let that spread like wildfire instead of this pandemic. 

If you are able, heat up that oven, put on your gloves, get out those measuring cups and “whip” up some cheer for your neighbors.   Your community “kneads” you.
Sometimes the simplest gifts “yield” the best rewards.  We encourage you to post pictures, share videos, share recipes or alert us to those in need on this page and your own.  Use the hashtag #projectcookie.  Get your kids involved in the baking or decorating process. Igniting a community can “crumble” the fear and sadness surrounding us right now even if just for a moment.  Cooking not your thing? You can buy your treats, find other ways to serve or share this page with others.

Now for a few safety tips:

Wash your hands
Wear gloves ( at all times in the baking, handling and delivering process ) 
Contact location prior to arrange safe delivery

Although questions have been raised regarding the transmission of COVID-19, there is currently no evidence to suggest that it can be transmitted through food or water systems, but sharing food and beverages is discouraged. Proper home food safety is advised, including promptly refrigerating foods, keeping raw and cooked foods separate, and heating food to the appropriate internal temperature. Credit:   https://www.eatright.org/coronavirus

Thank you for supporting our project and need to reach more than just one nursing home.  

Cody and Cory Appleton

4-April: Murrells Inlet boys spread cheer with cookies – WPDE
18-March: Ashley O’Neal

DeBordieu’s own Ashley O’Neal, 12, hasn’t wasted one ounce of her time or creative talent during the Coronavirus outbreak.  When her mom, Jeanne, casually showed her a picture she found on FaceBook about the need for more masks in hospitals, Ashley’s creative juices kicked into high gear.  “After I saw that people needed the masks, I thought, well I can definitely do that,” Ashley recalls.  Armed with her bright blue sewing machine (yes, she has her very own) and her beautiful smile, Ashley got to work.  Luckily, she already had sewing experience and even had a stash of stylish fabric.  After a quick trip to the dollar store for some elastic, she was in business. 

After just a few days, she had already cranked out 15 masks and several were quickly picked up by healthcare workers who live in DeBordieu.  A few DeBordieu residents snagged a mask to mail to a friend or loved one involved in healthcare in states including California and Tennessee.  Ashley has been able to witness how a little bit of effort goes a long way. 

This Lowcountry Prep School 6th grader comes by her creativity honestly.  Her mom, Jeanne, is the lower school art teacher at Lowcountry Prep School and has her original art hanging in numerous houses in DeBordieu as well as throughout the state. With an independent spirit, Ashley perfected her skills by watching YouTube videos and searching Pinterest for patterns.  As Ashley’s sewing project grew, she had to move it out of her room and into her mom’s home painting studio. On one occasion, she even enlisted the help of some brand new DeBordieu residents, Lauren Connor and her daughter, Piper, 14, to help with sewing and cutting fabric.  Ashley admits that social distancing has been really difficult.  However, she has discovered a newfound gratefulness for simple things like bike rides, FaceTime with friends, and even finds herself wishing she was in school.  Thank you Ashley for using your gifts to positively impact this corner of the world.

20-April: Jenny Musiol

Jenny used her spring break to spread some encouragement in these trying times. She made yard signs in keeping with social distancing and secretly stuck them in yards of people from her school, gym and church. She had a lot of fun doing this!!